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The Teubner Building (Old Hallmark) at 7th and Main in lovely Downtown Stillwater OK features windows and doors from the Lee Glass & Window.  These  windows have a white clad exterior and pre-finished, maple interiors with oil rubbed bronze hardware.









We strive to provide products that meet the highest standards of quality, companies that exibit integrity in their business dealings and long lasting durability along with various price ranges.  For several decades, we have developed long term relationships with our suppliers to provide consistency for our clients. We have been the premiere window dealer in the Stillwater area for over half a century.


We are excited and proud to announce that we have added a leading and innovative window and door manufacturer to our already impressive line of products.  Marvin Windows and Doors is an award winning company. As a leading window and door manufacture, Marvin was honored to be recognized as "The Most Ethical Large Company in the Country" with the 2014 American Business Ethics Award (something no other window manufacture has acheived).  We have purposely aligned ourselves with a company that shares our values, goals and our resolve to give you a quality product.  Check our their lines of Aluminum Clad and Fiberglass clad window products.

WOOD (clad):

An unclad wood window is simply a maintenance problem.  With several different options like aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl or a composite maintenance is drastically reduced.  Picking the right cladding material is worth some study.  Over the years we have come to the conclusion that Aluminum and Fiberglass are the best options for cladding material.  Both of these products lend strength to the window and give more options for color and less maintenance.



Fiberglass frames provide strength and stability as well as color options and paintability.  Fiberglass has attributes similar to the glass (glazing) that will rest in the frame helping to equalize expansion rate, this helps the insulated glass unit last longer without fogging or stress breaks. 



Typically composite windows are made from reclaimed waste products generated from the industry.  Sawdust and scrap vinyl that is past it's recycle limits are joined together and extruded into shapes to make window frames and window cladding.  Composite windows have more strength and stability than an all vinyl window product but they don't match what can be done with aluminum or fiberglass



If you are looking for the most popular window available today, then vinyl is your choice.  Vinyl has excellent insulating properties and customarily has wider frame members (for stability) than aluminum, which give the units a wider "curb appeal" similar to wood.  We have new offerings arriving on new construction windows as well as replacement windows.  Please give us a call for more information.



LOW-E (low emissivity) Glass:

Why do we recommend Low-E glass ?  Low-E is a coating that is permanently applied to the interior surface of the glass that increases the energy efficiency of the glass by reflecting radiant heat, either to the ouside in the summer or to the interior in the winter.  Low-E glass works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is effective on any elevation of the structure (unlike tinted glazings).  Regardless of what frame type or manufacture you choose, we suggest you include Low-E in your window choice.  If you have more questions about how Low-E works and the best applications for it, please give one of our friendly staff members a call!