Our Facility

The Lee Company has enjoyed a long history in Downtown Stillwater. Our original location in 1956 was at 916 S. Main (the current location of Harrison's Light House).  In 1961, we relocated to 1001 South Main to occupy a 10,000 square foot building which formerly housed Shannon Feed and then the roller rink.


In 1976, the company aquired property at 1008 South Lewis and constructed a 7200 square foot manufacturing facility for storm windows and doors.  Two years later, we expanded north (1002 South Lewis) and added an additional 7000 square feet of warehouse space to the manufacturing facility. With a total of 24,200 square feet of space, we remain one of the largest facilities in Downtown Stillwater.  Since 1978, little had changed with the properties. In 2007, plans began to re-utlize the space we had.  After a two year planning and construction process, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our newly remodeled facility in October of 2009. We now enjoy approximately 7,500 square feet of showroom, office, and meeting space at our 10th and Lewis location.  



Over the years, we have collected some pretty interesting construction materials. We have incorporated one of the windows from the OSU Library Bell Tower, which is five and a half feet wide and sixteen feet tall. We have utilized some vintage light fixtures originally housed at the First United Methodist Church and dating back to about 1921. During the clean up for construction, we uncovered a couple of doors that came from the Okfuskee County Courthouse which was built in 1924. You can also see a pair of these "sister doors" at Mexico Joe's. We have also decorated with some of our own historical items that have been collected over the past 55+ years. "Additionally, we have incorporated some modern features such as tin ceilings, which are new but look vintage, a glass stairway, and glass railings, which meld our 'retro warehouse' look," says Steve Green, the President of The Lee Company and designer of the remodel project.  



Though we want our facility to be striking to the eye, we did not want the remodel and expansion to strike the environment or our pocket book. Our HVAC system is a geo-thermal unit which utilizes ten 250 foot deep wells that are located on the east side of the building. The Geo choice has helped lower our utility bills by about 2/3rds, while climatizing almost 4 times the space we previously heated and cooled. We also insulated well and in some portions of the structure used expanding foam to minimize energy lose and maximize noise reduction. Where it was feasible, we tried to reclaim and reuse materials from the existing structure.  Lighting choices include low energy elements to further reduce our energy signature. If you are curious about how some of these features can save you energy, please let us know and we will be happy to  share vendor information.


Since opening our renovated facility, we have had the honor of hosting several gatherings, such as: Payne County CASADowntown Stillwater, Stillwater's Wondertorium, Stillwater Venture Partners, Hillcrest Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Lights on Stilly, C.E. Donart High School's Class of 1980 reunion Committee, as well as a host of Birthday, Graduation, Fraternal, baby showers and Sunday School parties.  If you have an interest in possibly using our space, please contact Steve Green orTara Roberts for more information.  Please note that we are a drug, alcohol and smoke free facility.  

We have a new way of reserving our meeting space, please follow this link for more information.